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Dear CasaOS Community,

Dear CasaOS Community, we are thrilled to introduce an exciting development in our journey to provide innovative software solutions - ZimaOS, the PRO version OS product! We sincerely invite you to be a part of this significant milestone by joining our ZimaOS Beta Open Program.


What is ZimaOS?

While CasaOS continues to thrive as a community-driven platform, ZimaOS is designed to cater specifically to the needs of professional application scenarios. It combines the robustness of CasaOS with new features and capabilities tailored to the demands of some professional filed. ZimaOS is poised to empower PRO scenarios with enhanced tools for more networking, ease of use, lightweight AI and more. We will plan to release ZimaOS through the Zima family of hardware to meet people's needs for more professional scenarios to fully build the next generation of personal cloud solutions.

ZimaOS vs CasaOS Features Plan


ZimaOS Open for Testing! We Need Your Feedback !

To ensure that ZimaOS meets the highest standards of performance, security, and user-friendliness, we are opening ZimaOS for testing! As a very first user, you'll have the unique opportunity to be among the first to experience ZimaOS before its official release. Your valuable suggestions and feedback will directly shape our final product.

Step 1: Download ZimaOS on Github and Read the Testing Guide

Step 2: Enjoy your new journey!

Step 3: Any issues or comments are welcome. Feel free to post ZimaOS topic on IceWhale forum. Remeber to choose tag' zimaos open testing'.

Post Issue on forum (sample):

Describe the bug
A clear and concise description of what the bug is.

If applicable, add screenshots to help explain your problem.

Other feedbacks

ZimaOS Open testing is currently in an unstable version. Please download and use it with caution.

Join ZimaOS Open Test Partner Team!

If you have further interest of ZimaOS, we have Partner Plan that is recruiting 50 test specialists to explore the depthsof ZimaOS's beta features.

Yes we are recruiting 50 test specialists from our community! As a test specialist, you'll be among the first to experience beta functionality before general release. You'll also have more granular control and expanded permissions to thoroughly test all aspects of ZimaOS.

Please take a moment to fill out this form to express your interest. We will follow up with next steps via Discord or email after receiving your completed form. Let's get hands-on with ZimaOS early and directly influence the product through your findings. Your real-world testing and usage will help ensure ZimaOS delivers an outstanding experience in its final release.

CasaOS Continues to Thrive

We want to reassure our Casaos community that this new venture will not diminish our commitment to CasaOS itself. CasaOS remains a cornerstone of our mission, and we will continue to invest in its development. CasaOS is, and always will be, a community-driven software, and your contributions and support are what make it exceptional.

Join us on this exciting journey as we prepare to launch ZimaOS. Your participation in the testing project is not just an opportunity to try out new software, but a chance to help us build a product that will empower shape NEXT personal cloud solution.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to having you on board!


CasaOS Team

Author: Vicky Date: 2023-09-25 Tags: dashboard

This update adopts command line update. CasaOS V0.4.4-2 already supports graphical red dot one-click update.

Command line installation script: curl -fsSL | sudo bash
Command line update script: curl -fsSL | sudo bash

This update focuses on optimizing the App Store display and fixing some issues to provide a better user experience.

CasaOS v0.4.4-3 Changelog:

CasaOS:Optimized temperature display support for AMD Ryzen CPUs

CasaOS-UI: App Store app thumbnails support click to view larger images.
CasaOS-UI: Removed tagline display from app Store app details and supported MarkDown rendering
CasaOS-Files: When uploading the duplicated files, the transfer failure will be notified.

CasaOS-StorageManager:Supported different types of multi-partition mountin
CasaOS-UI: Fixed an issue where app Store app details were improperly spaced.
CasaOS-Files: Supported cross-disk replication of empty folders #1323

This update aims to improve CasaOS performance and stability while adding some handy features to make your experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Thank you for your support and feedback. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us:

Best regards,
The CasaOS Team

Author: Vicky Date: 2023-09-04 Tags: dashboard

CasaOS v0.4.4-2 is now available!

We are excited to introduce CasaOS v0.4.4-2, which includes important changes and fixes based on the valuable feedback we've received from our community. We are incredibly grateful for the support of our community and warmly welcome your ongoing feedback. You can provide your feedback here: CasaOS Feedback

NOTE: This upgrade is only manual
Command line installation script: curl -fsSL | sudo bash
Command line update script: curl -fsSL | sudo bash

Here are the highlights of CasaOS v0.4.4-2:

  1. CasaOS Appstore: You can now manually set the Docker image version to "Latest" when importing a customized app that is already in the CasaOS Appstore. This means that when you update the app, it will still be the "latest" version you have set.
  2. OneDrive Integration: We've added support for OneDrive integration, allowing users to directly access and manage files on OneDrive within the CasaOS system.

CasaOS v0.4.4-2 Changelog:


  • CasaOS Appstore: Manually setting the Docker image version to "Latest" will ensure that when you update the app, it remains at the "latest" version you have set. (#1274)


  • CasaOS-UI: A Frosted Glass Effect has been added to the main interface card.
  • CasaOS-UI: The latest notifications on the main interface will now be displayed first.
  • CasaOS-Files: Support for binding OneDrive.
  • CasaOS-CLI: Added help content for configuring global variables in casaos-cli. (#1312)

CasaOS-UI: Resolved an issue where the CasaOS favicon icon was not displayed in the Safari browser. (#1056)
CasaOS-UI: Fixed the display issue of toolbars at the bottom of the mobile browser in Chinese. (#1286)
CasaOS-UI: Fixed the problem where the tutorial link could not be displayed when less than 20% of the system disk storage remained.
CasaOS-UI: Fixed an issue where clicking on an existing container did not respond.
CasaOS-UI: Fixed an issue where the network widget displayed incorrectly when there was no physical NIC in a virtual machine environment.
CasaOS-AppStore: Fixed an issue where the app store would not load due to an error in the definition of individual apps. (#1338)
CasaOS-AppStore: Fixed an issue where terminals could not be accessed in the application configuration. (#1316)
CasaOS-AppStore: Resolved an issue that caused all apps to crash when they didn't have a configuration. (#1343)

With this update, we aim to enhance the user-friendliness of CasaOS and continue to enrich application scenarios to provide a smarter and more convenient life experience. We sincerely thank you for your support and feedback. Our team is committed to continuously improving our products, so stay tuned for future releases.

Best regards,
The CasaOS Team

Author: May Date: 2023-07-25 Tags: CasaOS

Now, you can quickly complete the migration of the legacy apps!

1, If you have already upgraded to v0.4.4, you can follow the video tutorial to complete the migration legacy apps by manual.

2, In CasaOS v0.4.3 and below, you can upgrade to v0.4.4 using the following command., and rebuild the Docker Compose application. This allows you to retain the application's settings while making necessary modifications.
curl -fsSL | sudo bash


Author: Vicky Date: 2023-07-17 Tags: Contributors

We are pleased to announce the official release of CasaOS v0.4.4! This new version brings exciting updates, including a brand new application store and a more convenient format for developers to showcase their apps using Docker Compose. With native Docker support and enhanced customization features, developers are encouraged to actively participate in the CasaOS ecosystem. In just one month after release of v0.4.4 alpha, our developers have contributed a wealth of new applications, alongside an impressive third-party contributor store.

We interviewed a contributor to the third-party app store, Cp0204, who shared his experience and thoughts on CasaOS. Let us his journey in CasaOS v0.4.4 together.

Q:Personal Introduction and Contribution to the Third-Party Store

A:I'm Cp0204, a non-professional individual with a strong interest in knowledge. My third-party store, CasaOS-AppStore-Play, is a collection of not only well-known applications but also niche, fun, and interesting ones. Two of my personal favorites are ChatGPT-Next-Web, an excellent GPT application, and Alist, which allows you to manage your cloud storage in one place.

Q:Experience with CasaOS v0.4.4

A:What attracted me the most about CasaOS v0.4.4 is its support for Compose orchestration, which allows for a richer combination of Docker applications. During my experience with the new version, I encountered some user interface issues, which I promptly reported to the CasaOS team. The biggest challenge was compatibility issues with old applications, but with the help of the CasaOS team, I successfully overcame this hurdle.

Q:Motivation and Process of Creating a Third-Party Store

A:The primary reason for creating a third-party store was to facilitate my own application installation, especially for niche applications or those involving policy issues. By studying CasaOS's app store contribution documentation, examining examples of new store applications, and summarizing my own experiences, I successfully completed the store.

Q:Views and Suggestions on CasaOS Ecosystem

A:I believe that the success of CasaOS depends on whether people use it. Therefore, I suggest that the CasaOS team provide a feature to add store sources on the user interface, introduce an application installation file editing tool, and actively listen to user opinions, promptly handling bugs and Pull Requests. I also hope that the CasaOS team can promote and expand CasaOS's influence through various platforms to attract more contributions.

For developers interested in contributing to CasaOS, my advice is to read more documentation, understand more details, explore and analyze user needs, find valuable application directions, maintain contact and cooperation with the CasaOS community and other developers, share experiences and solve problems together, focus on the quality and user experience of applications, and regularly update and maintain applications.

Q:Contribute for Our Community

A:The release of CasaOS v0.4.4 not only provides more features but also offers more possibilities for third-party developers. We look forward to seeing more developers like Cp0204 contribute to the CasaOS ecosystem in the future, jointly creating OUR CasaOS!

How to Contribute to CasaOS Community?

  • Add Apps/appstore to CasaOS App store
  • Writing Documentation
  • Performing Alpha Testing
  • Helping with Translations