Author: Vicky Date: 2024-01-18 Tags: dashboard

Hi everyone, the long-awaited update is here! CasaOS V0.4.5 is available!
In this version, we have actively listened to the community and addressed various issues reported on GitHub.

Update method:

  1. Update the red dot in the upper left corner
  2. Command line installation script: curl -fsSL | sudo bash
    Command line update script: curl -fsSL | sudo bash

Update Log:
New Features

  • Added support for Brave search engine. issue#1885
  • Allow changes to user avatars.
  • Added three new file previewers: Word, Excel, PDF. issue#1582
  • Added support for several new language translations.
  • Docker Compose engine has been updated from v2.20.2 to v2.23.3 to support CasaOS applications based on the latest Compose format. To learn more about the changes, please refer to


  • Log page now automatically displays the latest information upon entry. issue#1477
  • [App] Resized the import box in custom app installation.
  • [App] Adjusted the status display of application toggles.
  • [App] Updated the style for adding new app sources.
  • Replaced the original video player with a more compatible one. issue#1462
  • [Files] Added a separate audio player that can retrieve audio thumbnails and metadata.
  • [Files] Default hiding of .DS_Store files generated by MacOS. issue#1558
  • [Files] Implemented a new file uploading interface, resulting in significantly enhanced transfer speed.


  • Unified the style of all pop-up windows.
  • Top app installation prompts now support full progress display. issue#1454
  • Fixed the issue of sidebar width being incorrect when zooming text only in Firefox.issue#1494
  • [Files] Fixed the issue of incorrect content when saving txt files. issue#1559
  • [Files] Fixed the issue of incomplete file name display on the file details page in mobile devices. issue#1416
  • Added disk mounting before Docker startup to prevent automatic startup failures of applications that require disk access.

Thank you for your support all the time and we highly welcome your feedback!