Author: casaos Date: 2022-12-13 Tags:


  • [Developer] Included casaos-cli command tool for debugging
  • [Developer] Added message bus for events and actions - Use casaos-cli message-bus to manage.
  • [Disk] Disk notification in Dashboard
  • [System] Restart/shutdown directly from CasaOS Dashboard


  • [General] CasaOS new logo!
  • [App] Redesign of Featured App
  • [App] Now you can choose to delete userdata along with app uninstallation


  • [System] Fixed a shell injection issue for better security


  • [System] Re-instate default zone0 for CPU Temp (#694)
  • [Disk] Fixed storage name with extra -1 after rebooting (#698)
  • [Disk] Fixed disk check so it does not impact disk going into idle (#704)

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